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The NCAA, NAACP, South Carolina, and Hypocrisy 8-9-06
 Political correctness attacks many things in America. Free speech, Conservatism, individualism, traditions, and especially history and heritages have been viciously attacked by the PC brigades. Southern history and heritage have been on the receiving end of political correctors perhaps more than any other heritage.

I have written many, many columns exposing the bigotry of many who use the symbols of Southern heritage as political footballs to divide people, and gain, for themselves, power and influence. Of course, the biggest target of these attacks has always been the Confederate Battle flag. Misused by racists like the Klueless Klutz Klanners and cowardly skinhead groups, smeared by biased media reports, and vilified by race pimps who have proclaimed themselves as leaders for all Black Americans, the flag has been at the center of the fight for Southern heritage for decades now.

Sadly, many have come to despise this beautiful flag as a symbol of hatred and bigotry. As someone who has studied the War Between the States for 31 years, I can think of no more historically incorrect characterization of that banner. The Battle flag was created for, and carried by thousands of Southern troops defending their land from 1861-65. These soldiers, who included Jewish, Black, Hispanic, Catholic, Chinese, and American Indians fought bravely and honorably against very long odds. The principles they struggled for were not racist or bigoted. They fought solely because they were invaded after secession.

Yet the race baiters have spun history for their own vile purposes. They have tried their best to cover up any history of Confederates of color; they have tried to paint the Confederate soldiers as fighting only for the perpetuation of slavery. Sadly, they have been very successful in their efforts. Sadly, today the banner defined by the blood and sacrifices of thousands of Southerners of all races and religions, has become, to many, a hateful symbol that deserves no place in public view.

Just recently, this old fight was once more renewed in South Carolina. There the Battle flag flies at the Confederate monument on the South Carolina Statehouse grounds. Now the flag, a replica of a flag carried by South Carolina troops, is displayed in a historically correct manner. It represents not only the gallantry of those troops that carried it, but that South Carolina was, at one time, a State in the Confederacy. History, of course, is not immune to the PC brigades of intolerance.

The NCAA has been considering whether to extend its ban on championship events in South Carolina because of the flag. The ban could be widened to barring postseason games being hosted by South Carolina teams, all because the flag and history apparently, offends a few ignorant busy bodies.

Robert Vowels Jr., head of the NCAA's Minority Opportunities and Interest Committee, said his group received a request from the Black Coaches Association about widening the ban. I guess these coaches have nothing more pressing on their agendas than erasing history. "I think it's something worth looking at," said Vowels, commissioner of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Really now? What is the worth in attempting to hide history? Is THIS part of education, which is supposed to be the focal point of college?

Are they willing to teach their players that they should remove parts of history if they cause them offense? How will that broaden these kids’ minds I wonder? What else might we, in the interest of “sensitivity” erase from history?

Let us see here. The Alamo might offend some Mexican people, so let us close it immediately! How about Confederate cemeteries? Those surely upset some; so, bring in the PC sensitivity police to bulldoze them. War is offensive to some, so how about al the war memorials? I guess they ought to go away too. I mean if the goal is to never, ever offend anyone why stop at the flag in South Carolina?

Now, in reality, this is not about sensitivity or protecting people from offense at all. The NAACP has led the fight to hurt South Carolina economically until the flag is removed. However, what are their boycott efforts really doing? Every time a sporting event is not held in South Carolina the people, including Black people are hurt economically. Is this what the NAACP should be spending their energies on?

Do these boycotts help reduce Black on Black crime? Do they help reduce illegitimate birth rates, which are high among Black Americans? Do they help in job training? Do they do anything to stop gangs from ravaging Black neighborhoods? The answer to every one of those questions, of course, is a resounding no! So if the NAACP really cares about helping Blacks, why waste time on something that will never help Blacks?

The answer is, of course, the leadership of the NAACP, is not really interested in anything but insuring the continued donations and support that “racism” brings to their coffers. If that means they have to create racism themselves to divide races, they are only too happy to do it. Job security is their real goal!

One more question in regards to the NAACP. The group is called the National Association for the Advancement for COLORED People. Now, isn’t the word colored, when used towards Black people considered racist by the NAACP? So, if they really want to boycott something racist, why not boycott themselves until they get a more sensitive name?

Why does the Left Blame Israel More than Hezbollah? 7-26-06
When I was in school, I like most students, hated tests. Although I did not enjoy tests, I did prefer multiple-choice questions. They made me think before answering. Often times two or more answers seemed to be correct until they were thought out. Eventually one answer separated itself from the others and it suddenly seemed obvious to me.

In the spirit of multiple choice test questions, I thought it might be instructive to offer my own multiple-choice question for my readers. No grade will be given, but hopefully, after the several optional answers are weighed, a clear choice will emerge.

Therefore, here is the question to ponder. In the current war in which Israel is battling Hezbollah, the left seems largely to be more critical of Israel than of the terrorists of Hezbollah. Why is the left choosing to blame Israel more than Hezbollah?

Read the following answers carefully and choose the one that best answers the question presented to you.

A) Leftists really see a bigger threat from Israel to world peace than from Islamic terrorists.

B) Leftists hate war so much, that they are completely incapable of seeing any justification for war at any time or for any reason, including a nation defending itself.

C) There is an underlying, but deeply held feeling of anti-Semitism, in many the hearts of many Leftists.

D) For all their self-proclaimed open-mindedness, Leftists are unable to recognize evil or to grasp that evil must be faced and defeated or it will destroy us all.

OK kids we have the question and the possible answers, so let us now endeavor to find the best answer.A) Leftists really see a bigger threat from Israel to world peace than from Islamic terrorists.

Certainly, it does seem that the far left gets more distressed over Israeli strikes against terrorist groups than by the terror attacks against Israel, which cause the Israeli action. It seems that you can hear the proverbial crickets chirping when Hamas or Hezbollah commit some evil act against innocent Israeli civilians. Yet, when Israel uses its military might to go after the perpetrators of these terrorist acts, the far left goes into hyperbolic overload. They scream about innocent civilians being killed by Israel. They rant about violence not being the answer, and accuse Israel of creating terrorism by defending themselves. Very good answer let us examine the next one.B) Leftists hate war so much, that they are completely incapable of seeing any justification for war at any time or for any reason, including a nation defending itself.

There seems to be a lot of weight behind this answer too. Surely, the left never seems to approve of any military action by any free nation, even if that nation has been attacked, or is directly threatened. Again, we can certainly point to the slogans the left trots out at the “peace “rallies. “Make love not war”, “War is never the answer”, and of course “give peace a chance” all seem to peg the left as so ideologically opposed to war that they will never be able to see justification for war. War kills; killing is bad, so therefore, in the Leftist’s mind, war is always bad. Lots of weight behind answer B as well. On to the next one.C) There is an underlying, but deeply held feeling of anti-Semitism, in many the hearts of many Leftists.

This one might, at first glance, seem ridiculous and easily dismissible, but consider how many leftist groups are holding rallies in support of Hezbollah. I personally have been witness to Leftists questioning if Israel has a right to exist. I have had Leftists tell me they think Israel is more to blame than Hezbollah for the current conflict. Notice how many Leftists support the ideal that Palestine is the victim of Israeli oppression. Finally consider how many Leftists will say Israel is a terrorist state, or that the terror groups attacking Israel are “only using the only weapons they have”. Do not dismiss the anti-Semitism, that is bubbling under the surface of modern day leftist extremism.D) For all their self-proclaimed open-mindedness, Leftists are unable to recognize evil or to grasp that evil must be faced and defeated or it will destroy us all.

Boy, this one seems to nail it head on doesn’t it? I mean consider the left was never able to charge the Soviet Union with being evil because it committed horrible acts against its own people while crushing their liberty. Likewise, the left embraces evil dictators like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez on a regular basis. Consider also how T-shirts with the picture of Che Guerrera are so popular with Leftists. Certainly if the far left cannot recognize evil in these monsters, how can they see it in terrorists?

So, my friends picked your answer yet? Many good reasons to select A, B, C, or D aren’t there? Want to know which answer yours truly picks? E, ALL OF THE ABOVE! 

Want World Peace? Eradicate Islamic Terrorists! 7-17-06

I have been doing this column for over ten years now, I have written about every controversial topic under the sun. Abortion, guns, taxes, spending, the Confederate flag, Southern heritage, race, terrorism, you name it and I have written about it. This column though, is the most serious and sober one I have ever written. It deals with the Mid-East, terrorism, Islamic Fascism and the distinct possibility that we may soon be engaged in World War 3.

Now I realize full well some will find that first paragraph hyperbolic and out of bounds. I also realize, however, that these times are deathly serious. The truth is recent events in Israel illustrate just how imperative it is for Israel, the United States, as well as Great Britain, Australia, and every other nation that embraces human rights and human liberty to make a very harsh decision. It is the time for the free world to decide that the threat presented by the terrorist Islamic fanatics is real and must be eliminated!

Note, it must be eliminated not appeased, or bargained with. It must be exterminated not appeased or bargained with. It must meet with eradication, not restraint! Restraint, of course is the new buzzword of those foolish enough to dream diplomacy or negotiation can somehow end the threat of Islamic Jihadists. Restraint will not insure peace. It will only serve to give the Jihadists more opportunities to commit acts of terror. There will be peace when, and ONLY when, Islamic terrorists have been totally and completely defeated with unmatchable and unforgiving military might!

Again, this is harsh language, but it is language the world needs to hear and heed. The United Nations and much of the world need to hear it desperately apparently. It is the United Nations types who are crying for Israel to use restraint when they retaliate against Hamas and Hezbollah, for recent attacks by those terror groups on Israel. Excuse me but restraint? Has restraint ever worked for Israel? How many times have they shown restraint and been rewarded by more homicide bombers?

Terrorists do not use restraint, if they could kill Israel to the last child they would. They would happily do the same to Canada, England, America, and every other nation that does not wish to submit to their evil fanaticism. It is frankly well past time the free world accepted that terrorism is as evil as Hitler’s Nazi Germany was. We are now on the road towards a global war, which will cost many lives. The question is not if anymore. It is indeed merely a question of when.

The matter of when is in our hands not the terrorist. We can, on one hand, opt to wait and fool ourselves that diplomacy and restraint will somehow work where they have failed over and again. Will such a course prevent war? Will it prevent Iran or Syria, from one day arming themselves, Al Qaeda, Hamas, or Hezbollah with a nuclear weapon? Will it prevent one of these fanatical groups from using that nuclear device to murder hundreds of thousands? Only the fools at the United Nations can believe restraint would suddenly succeed after failing every other time it has been tried.

If we again foolishly invest our hope in restraint, we will one day be greeted by a mushroom cloud over Tokyo, or London, or Madrid, or Chicago, or Toronto or some other city of innocent civilians. That will happen if we follow the path of restraint. Terrorists always, always, always meet our restraint with brutality and barbarity. Crossing our fingers and listening to intellectual midgets like Kofi Anan will get us nowhere and in the end will only cost more lives. The path of restraint will not deter a worldwide war, it will only delay it. Did we learn nothing from the failed appeasement of Hitler before the WW II?

So if restraint is not the path what should be? Well let us look at what Israel has sworn to do to Hezbollah and Hamas. Instead of listening to foolish world opinion of the need for restraint, Israeli leader Ehud Olmert has declared his intent to eliminate these two terror groups. "We stand at a national moment of truth. Will we agree to live under this evil threat or will we fight. … There is no more just struggle than that we are now engaged in," Olmert said, according to Israel National News.

"Citizens of Israel, there are moments in the life of a nation, when it is compelled to look directly into the face of reality and say: Enough," he said.

"And I say to everyone: Enough is enough. Israel will not be held hostage – not by terror gangs or by a terrorist authority or by any sovereign state."

"There is nothing we want more than peace on all of our borders; Israel will not agree to live with rockets fired on its citizens. Only a nation that can protect its freedom deserves it."

He is right, and every other nation that loves liberty and respects human life must join Israel and erase, eliminate, eradicate, and exterminate Islamic terrorists now. This is a harsh course, but in the big picture, it is the right and moral one. As stated earlier we can wait for a nuke to detonate in one of our nations, or we can resolve now to end the threat and tolerate this evil no longer! Yes, it will mean some civilian deaths, yes, it will be bloody and yes, and it will be horrific. However, if we, the free world allow ourselves to believe such a course is not required much more blood, horror and many more innocent deaths will be the result.

These terror groups as well as Syria, Iran and every other state that supports them must be crushed with devastating military might as well. Yes, again very harsh, but what “restraint” will they show to us the second the get a nuclear weapon. They must be met with such force as is necessary to eliminate any threat to the free world they pose.

As Ehud Olmert said, enough IS enough! 

Top Ten Stupid Leftist Ideals 7-10-06

David Letterman has made a career of making people laugh. His show has been on TV for far more than a decade now, and, one of America’s favorite parts of that show is Dave’s Top Ten. I must say, I enjoy it as much as the next person does.

In honor of David Letterman’s Top Ten, this column is my own version of a top ten. The top ten list of stupid, inane, asinine, and, loony leftist ideals. Now in making such a list, in attempting to whittle down to just ten, the most foolish of leftist ideals, I have worked tirelessly and diligently to include only those leftist ideals that not only reach the bottom of the pit of inanity, but those that required extra digging as well.

By the way, as a side note, if any Leftists find themselves offended, put out, aggrieved, or suffering from a bruising of their ever-fragile self-esteem after reading this column, let me say good! The Left is always seeking something to be hurt or upset over anyway, so I consider it a very special honor to help them out in their never-ending pursuit of a pity party!

Now, on with the official Doug Hagin Top Ten List of Stupid, Inane, Asinine, and Loony Leftist Ideals.

Number ten- Environmentalism. Now concern for the environment is a good thing, as is a healthy appreciation of nature and its matchless beauty and splendor. The left, however, goes far beyond reality in their version of environmentalism. The Left does not stop at reasonable conservation measures, or reasonable regulations on pollution. Instead they would have the United States, one of the environmentally clean nations, submit to the Kyoto Protocol, which would do serious damage to our economy. The reason they would have us wreck the greatest economy in the world? Well to stop global warming of course! This despite the reality that this theory has never been proven to be true.

Number nine - It Takes a Village. Now this jewel of foolishness is the brainchild of the Left’s heroine Hillary Clinton. The simple fact is the left has always and will always think collectively. They hate individualism and acknowledging parents as the most important factor in raisin children flies in the face of the left’s fascination with collectivism. While many people may have wonderful influences in a child’s life, it takes parents, and not some leftist village to raise a child.

Number eight- Children are Incapable of Handling Stress. The left likes to feel that children must be raised and educated in an environment totally insulated from any negativity. A few examples of this include teachers ceasing their use of red ink to correct children’s tests or homework, or the erasing of certain parts of history because teaching it might hurt some child’s feelings.

Children are not so fragile that having spelling mistakes corrected or history that might be painful taught to them. Protecting children from every possible offense will not serve them well. It will instead serve to leave the ill prepared for the reality that life can be unpleasant at times.

Number seven-Competition is Bad. Nothing could be more asinine than the Left’s infatuation with the notion that competition is unhealthy for people. People, by their nature, are competitive. We desire to excel, not to be held back. It is OK to want to win, and nothing will help us, no matter where life leads us, more than having a healthy competitive streak. Yes, competition does mean some people will lose. Losing can teach us to push harder though, and that can create greatness.

Number six- Health Care is a Right. Health care is some civil right everyone has, according to the left. No, actually health care is a personal responsibility. You and I are responsible for our own destinies; it is a part of liberty. Health care is part of that responsibility. The left, again, thinks collectively on this subject. Their ideal is for everyone to pay for everyone else’s health care. Of course, socialized medicine is well below the standard America has, but the left would gladly sacrifice quality for collectivist idealism.

Number five-Wealth is Bad. Again, the collectivist ideology of the left is on display here. It is, to a devoted Leftist unfair that one American has more than another does. Their solution, punish the bad successful folks with heavy taxes and give the money to a wasteful federal government to dole out to those not as successful. This is lunacy of course. Punishing success and redistributing wealth is a recipe for failure of the people and the nation as a whole.

Number four- Racism is Rampant and can only be Solved by Leftist Tolerance. Despite the constant cry, that racism is alive and thriving in America, most folks could not care less about skin color. The left, naturally, sees race relations from the prism of pessimism. Every time any minority loses a job, does not get a promotion, gets a speeding ticket, or stubs a toe, the left is ready to blame racism. The fact is it is the Leftists who are hung up on skin color. Race is not important, to most of us. Well, except for the left of course.

Number three- Abortion. The left, despite all the medical evidence stacked against them, still clings to abortion as some sacrament. In their pursuit to erase personal responsibility, they willingly support the killing of the most innocent of human life, the unborn. Their vile defense of this atrocity only points out how little respect or admiration they hold for human life. To them life is only precious according to the “quality” of it. Of course, they are all too happy to define what “quality” is.

Number two-Guns are Bad. The left hates guns. They hate those who own them. They hate those who defend themselves with guns. Why? Well guns allow individuals to defend themselves, property and rights. The left, again collectivists to the core, want the defense of rights to be handled by government. An individual who owns a gun steps outside the collectivist utopia the left desires so deeply. Gun owners who use their gun to defend themselves are even worse to the left. By their actions, they have illustrated that rights are individual, and can be protected by individuals. That is a direct threat to leftist collectivism.

Number one-Appeasing Evil Ensures Peace. Of all the foolish notion the left subscribes to, this ideal is surely the most inane. The left has, over the course of history, tried to appease Nazis, Stalinists, dictators, and terrorists. They have preached peaceful solutions, refused to accept that violence not only can be the solution but sometimes is the only solution, all the while evil never was appeased. Hundreds of millions have suffered horrible fates, hundreds of millions have died, and the left STILL thinks we can understand evildoers and change them without violence.

Evil exists and must be crushed, defeated and eradicated. There is no understanding it, or reasoning with it, or appeasing it. We will kill it, or it will kill us, it is that simple. In fact, the only thing simpler than this truth is Leftist thinking.

John Murtha-a Threat to World Peace 6-26-06
Leave it to Leftist Congressman John Murtha to take a cheap shot at our troops and at America, at every opportunity. Leave it to “war hero” Murtha, to lower himself to the lowest common denominator. Leave it to good old, Congressman Sheehan, oops I mean Congressman Murtha, to once again prove that whatever patriotism was in him is long gone.

What has Murtha said that so riles my sensibilities? What has he said that would serve to diminish him in the eyes of many Americans? Well, recently Congressman Murtha opined on the greatest threat to world peace. Any guesses as to what that greatest threat was according to the congressman?

North Korea with its nuclear ambitions? No!

Iran and its threats to erase Israel from the globe? Again no!

How about Al-Qaida and other terror groups that blow up innocent children and seek to force their evil fanaticism upon the entire world? Yet again no!

No, my friends, Congressman John Murtha thinks that the United States of America poses the gravest threat to world peace! Yes, of course, it is always our fault, our blame, our failure, our military that is the bad guy! Well, at least according to leftist pinheads like John Murtha and Cindy Sheehan and the rest of the anti-American leftist ideology!

Now the latest ramblings of this old fool should not surprise anyone. It is, after all, John Murtha who called our military “broken”. It is John Murtha who said he would never join the armed forces today. It is John Murtha who, without giving our troops any benefit of any doubt, announced that Marines had killed civilians in “cold blood” and that the military had covered it up! It is John Murtha who has said that America cannot win this war militarily, and instead needs political solutions.

So what would Congressman Murtha do about Iraq? Well, he has said that the US should pull out the troops and re-deploy them to neighboring nations like Kuwait. Hmmm, let us examine the brilliance of this plan. Murtha, along with his fellow intellectual wannabes like Kennedy and Sheehan tell us repeatedly that our troops are the targets in Iraq. They tell us that the only reason terrorists are in Iraq is that our military is there. So, using their illogic, if we put troops in Kuwait, then wouldn’t the terrorists then go there?

Further, if we re-deploy our troops in Kuwait, what then? Keep going back into Iraq every time our military is needed? Then, re-deploy our troops back to Kuwait? That plan would surely serve to demoralize our troops! What would we call this foolish strategy? The yo-yo offensive? How about the John Murtha Hokey Pokey strategy of warfare? You put your troops in, you pull your troops out, you re-deploy them all about…..

Now, before the leftist supporters of Murtha start screaming about what a decorated war hero he is, and how he served this country with honor let me say that I agree. He did, past tense, serve America very well as a Marine. I and every other critic of John Murtha respect and appreciate his service. However, no matter how gallant he was in Vietnam, that service does not pardon his recent conduct. No amount of heroism can absolve anyone of all past and future behaviors. Moreover, to put it mildly, Murtha has played the part of the perfect jackass, in regards to his characterizations of our armed forces.

Recall that Randy “Duke” Cunningham possesses one of this nation’s most revered records of military service and heroism. Yet that does not change the fact that he has been convicted of taking bribes and shamed forever. No, it does not, so sorry, but Murtha, like Cunningham, has become a national disgrace, his military service not withstanding.

To be sure, this campaign against our military is the deck of cards Murtha is playing to gain him more political influence isn’t it? He has expressed a desire to become the House majority leader, if his party re-takes control of the House of Representatives in November hasn’t he? Maybe he figures throwing our troops under the bus is OK if it gains him more power and prestige.

Whatever his reasons are, I really do not care. He has repeatedly stabbed the greatest military in the world and the greatest nation in the world in the back, and he ought to be thrown out of office! He is a disgrace, and if he still possessed an ounce of the honor he once did, he would apologize to our military, and then resign his seat in the House. Do not dream of that happening though.

Lest we forget the most recent despicable ranting of John Murtha, consider what he said once more. He called America, the most giving, compassionate, freest nation on earth, the biggest threat to peace. Let that sink in. In essence, Murtha said we are more of a threat than are the terrorists we fight. Is that not the lowest, most inane statement you could imagine?

Lastly let this be said of John Murtha, and please quote me here. John Murtha is as big a threat to our national welfare as Osama bin Laden is, and, by his openly criticizing of America’s armed forces in time of war, he has shown he is as grave a threat to world peace as Saddam Hussein ever was.

The Pessimistic Left vs. The Optimistic Right 6-19-06
There are many differences between left and right. The way the two sides look at life, humanity, liberty, the size and scope of government, the value of human life, self-defense, and race are all great examples which can be used to illustrate the extreme divide between Leftist and Rightist thinking.
There is one more area that might be the finest illustration of all of just how starkly different left and right think. That is how optimistic or pessimistic each ideology is. Leftists, and let us be clear here, by Leftists I do not mean Democrats, or Liberals. There are some definite similarities between the three ideologies, and in fact, the distinction is growing less clear every year. When I write of Leftists though, I mean those who still buy into the several forms of Marxism as viable and worthwhile. I mean those who abhor private property, self-reliance, self-defense, capitalism, and wealth. In other words, I mean the, and Michael Moore crowd.
Now back to the pessimistic vs. optimistic views of left and right. Take any issue and examine how the left looks at it, then note how the right looks at it.
There is no issue where the left takes an optimistic view. Remember the Cold War? The left was always ready to believe America, by having nuclear weapons, and a strategy of superior firepower, was acting like a bunch of cowboys. They were full of fear and worry that World War III was going to breakout at any moment. Their solution? Surrender the position of superiority by disarming to prove to the Soviets that we were not a threat. Forget that the Soviets had vowed to bury us and force their evil form of totalitarianism on the planet. In the pessimistic minds of the left, we had to subjugate ourselves to evil, to ensure our survival.
The right sought the course of peace just like the left. However, the left viewed the conflict through defeatist eyes. The right, on the other hand, saw hope and preservation through strength. Those on the right saw a threat, and believed not that it would ultimately conquer them, but that we should strive to conquer it. Optimism trumped pessimism, as it always does, and America won the Cold War without surrendering its strength or freedom.
Look at abortion, nothing divides left and right any more clearly than this issue. The left looks at an unplanned pregnancy and sees the unborn child as a hopeless case. They trot out their false compassion, and announce that this child might be disadvantaged, or poor, or might have a difficult childhood, or might be abused, or might be disabled. Notice how every “might” a Leftist imagines is negative. Is it any surprise then that, the left, looking with eyes clouded by pessimism, thinks that killing this life is better than allowing it to be born?
Now how does the right typically look at a young mother going through an unplanned pregnancy? They imagine the baby might be adopted, might grow up to be president, might have a wonderful life, they imagine all the wonderful opportunities this little child will have. The right, like the left, thinks in “mights”, but the right looks through optimistic, hopeful eyes, rather than through eyes blurred by pessimism.
Look at the way the left looks at people. The left always sees people as inherently incapable of caring for themselves. The left views us as cattle, in need of a government program to meet our every need. To them the government owes everyone healthcare, daycare, welfare, this care, that care. Of course, with all that “care” comes extreme taxation and a general depression of ambition, and independence.
Every Marxist nation in history either has failed or is failing. They do so because of the pessimistic nature of trying to solve every human need with government solutions.
Now think of how the right views people. The right sees people as unique individuals, with differing needs, dreams and goals. They see self-reliance as not only possible, but also entirely preferable to reliance on the state. The right prefers parents, not government day care raise children. The right prefers people pay lower taxes, and use their money for themselves rather than having it taken for wasteful government entitlement programs. In short, the right views people optimistically rather than pessimistically.
Understanding this basic difference in the ideological views of left and right also goes a long way towards explaining how the two view the Iraq War. The left refuses, it seems, to expect, or even believe any positive news about progress in Iraq. In fact, their ingrained pessimistic nature seems to be so strong that they enjoy hearing of negative news from Iraq. Perhaps it feeds some need they have to always see the negative side of life. Whatever the cause, the left has never shown anything but pessimistic absolutism towards the Iraqi struggle for freedom. Iraq holds elections, huge numbers turnout, defying terrorist threats, and begin to form a free government, and the left predicts an Islamic theocracy, that will suppress its people. Iraq adopts a Constitution that ensures freedoms to its people, and the left predicts its failure in short order. Again, they truly seem to desire failure for Iraq.
When the left speaks of Iraq they speak of chaos, civil war, creating more terrorists, quagmires, another Vietnam, a more dangerous world, American imperialism, and of course American military defeat. They cling to any bit of bad news as if it is a life preserver. At the same time, they dismiss any good news as propaganda and lies. They seem to accept happily any report, no matter how unfounded of abuses by American troops. Is their deluded need for pessimism really that great? It would seem so.
The right, on the other hand, sees hope for Iraq. They see a nation beginning the steps to freedom. They see a nation becoming more responsible for its own security each week. They see a people who want freedom, an end to terrorism, and a better nation with hope. They see the bad news but also see the good news that outweighs the bad. They see looming victory instead of impending defeat. They, in short, see Iraq as the left apparently never can, optimistically!
Support the Conservative Convention 6-6-06

Those of you who read the columns of my good friend, Edward Daley, know how sincere and thoughtful a man he is. You also certainly recognize him as one of this country’s very best columnists. I truly hope all of you have taken the time to read his two latest columns calling for a Conservative Convention. If you have not please visit my site and read them here

Anyone, particularly any Conservative who has begin to grow disillusioned with the current direction of the Republican Party, will greatly appreciate the idea to reclaim that party for Conservatives. I mean let us face up to reality here. In 1994, young, energetic Republicans campaigned as Conservatives, and won for the GOP control of the House and Senate. Conservatives across the fruited plane cheered and were quite pleased.

Two years later, the Republicans held on to those majorities by, campaigning as Conservatives. In 1998, it happened once again. How very simple a formula for success it was too. Republicans simply ran on issues the majority of Americans held dear, and they won. Then, in 2000, Conservatives not only once more cast their votes to keep the Senate and House in GOP hands but also delivered the White House to George W. Bush! Once more, the message from the voters was clear, America is a Conservative nation.

That message was sent in dramatic and historic fashion in the 2002 mid-term elections. The GOP majority in both houses did not dwindle, or even go away, as some predicted, it grew! Of course, two years later Conservative voters who also gave President Bush another term in office once again ensured those majorities.

You might have thought, by then Republicans would have accepted the fact that when they run as Conservatives, they win elections. You might also think that after winning election after election and seeing America rejects the Liberal platform of Democrats in favor of common sense Conservatism, the GOP would be moving to the right. Yes, you would think so, but sadly, in too many cases Republicans are, for some unexplainable reason, intent of becoming “moderate”.

Frankly, Conservatives are well past fed up with this non-sense! The growing anger over issues like spending, a growing government, lack of real border security, and an apparent inability by the GOP majority to begin cutting dependence on foreign oil by drilling for our own oil, is seemingly lost on the GOP!

So, then what is a Conservative to do? Vote for a third party in 2006? That will give control to the Democrats, and, as disappointing as many Republicans have been, Democrats would be twenty times worse. Perhaps the GOP has simply has figured out that they can just take Conservative voters for granted? Maybe the party has gotten lost in its desire to broaden its base. Hey, I love the idea of the GOP appealing to more and more Americans. Sacrificing party Conservatism on the altar of base broadening though is not the correct manner by which to accomplish that goal.

The right way to broaden the base is to stick to Conservative values, and take that message to Americans on the Left. Show them why they should become Conservatives! Instead, the powers that be seem to think they can only reach out by conceding Conservative principles. They have forgotten what got them elected!

Enter the Conservative Convention idea put forth by Mr. Daley! Mr. Daley has opined that we, the people, must retake control of the HOP by holding a convention made up of Conservative activists, leaders, authors, and public figures for the purpose of changing the direction of the Republican Party. Mr. Daley has a very healthy fear that if we, the people, do not act very soon, America will see a Democrat in the White House in January of 2009. I must say, I share his apprehension, particularly when we weigh the distinct possibility that both Houses might be in Democrat hands as well.

Four years of Leftist rule would do great damage to this nation. Consider, more spending, more taxes, more government, more concessions to the UN, a weak strategy in fighting the war on terror, Leftist judges filling vacant seats on courts across America, and a person like Hillary Clinton in the White House. Not a pretty picture is it my friends? If you do not care for the current direction just wait for Democrat control.

We cannot, must not, allow this to happen. We must take a stand and take it right now. Mr. Daley has shown us a solution, I for one am giving my full support to this cause. I suggest all of my readers and visitors to my website to throw their support behind it as well. Now I realize many might be thinking that this sounds good, but will never work in reality. Imagine if our Founders had entertained or even worse accepted such thinking?

Those great men gave us this great nation, now we must take up the fight in our time.

Please visit Mr. Daley’s website here or visit the Conservative Convention site at and the Conservative Convention forum located at to share your ideas, thoughts and support for this very important cause! The direction this nation takes IS in our hands, we only need grab it!

How to Repay our Fallen Heroes 5-29-06

Everything in this world has a price; everything has a cost attached to it. Too often people say the best things in life are free. This is false. Certainly many wonderful things do not come with a monetary cost, but these things often have a price far beyond all the money in the world.

Think of it; to love and be loved requires we give of ourselves. It requires we risk pain and heartbreak. Now surely the benefits can outweigh the costs where love is concerned, but the cost can be a terrible thing if we lose our loved one. Yet we must accept the risk of heartbreak because life without love is well, the cruelest of existences.

Liberty is another wonderful thing that exacts a terrible price. Yet no matter how high the cost, the benefits liberty reaps are far, far greater. Tonight, as Memorial Day 2006 ends, I sincerely hope every American celebrates the limitless blessings of liberty. Moreover, on this day, I hope we all focused our minds and hearts on the price that has, and in fact, is still being paid for Liberty’s blessings.

Today as I watched tributes to America’s valiant warriors, I was repeatedly moved to tears. As I watched videos of children weeping over a father or older sibling that will never come home again, and gazed at photos of grief stricken wives and mothers being handed folded American flags that had covered the caskets of their loved ones, I thought that the debt we owe those fallen heroes can never fairly be paid. How can we repay someone who laid down their very life to defend our freedoms? Surely, nothing we can ever do will balance those scales.

How could we ever begin to repay all those hundreds of thousands who risked, and lost, their precious lives for our liberty? Gazing upon all of those headstones, lined up in those straight lines, each flanked by an American flag, is an awesome experience. Every one of those stones is a person who willingly died so that America would continue.

Each of those stones is an American who struggled against the evils of Fascism, or Communism, or totalitarianism, each of those stones is an American who weighed the cost of freedom, and then bravely paid it.

Surely, no amount of tears, no prayers of thanks, no tributes, no matter how sincere and heartfelt, could ever fully honor those who gave that famous last full measure. As I write this column, however, I know there is a way we can repay the sacrifices of those who surrendered their lives to this glorious nation, and to our liberty.

How can we repay these great warriors? By not wasting the gift, they gave us. No gift is greater than sacrifice for another, and those war dead made that sacrifice and, if asked to repeat their lives, would do it once more. Yet it is up to us, in how we live, to make sure those sacrifices were not made in vain. They died to give us liberty, we must honor and repay them by never surrendering that dearly won gift.

Their fight is done; it now is ours to carry on. Most of us will never have to pick up a gun and fight for this nation, yet we are asked every day, to carry the struggle for liberty forward. Liberty is never won, it is a continuing battle, and there will always be those who would seek to deprive us of it. It is therefore our most solemn duty to support our military, in every way possible, and to enjoy the liberty they are, and have ensured for us.

Today, the most recent of the fallen heroes gave their lives fighting extremism as vile and evil as Nazism or Marxism. The terrorists are a direct threat to our liberty and nation. Our armed forces are currently engaged in defeating this sub-human evil. Our military cannot lose this war; no military on earth can defeat ours. Yet we, the American people, can lose our resolve, and that would not only cost us our current struggle, but would destroy everything those veterans fought for as well.

For us to cease our desire for liberty, and to cease or willingness to bear any burden to defend, our liberty would be the ultimate disgrace to all of those who spilled their blood, in liberty’s defense. The war dead would only too gladly rise up and fight for liberty and America once more. We must never betray their gallantry and selflessness by growing too weary to recognize and defeat evil.

Mortal men can give no greater gift than our soldiers have given, and continue to give. In the end, all any man can give is their life. The question as this Memorial Day closes is shall we, the American people, repay the sacrifices of these fallen heroes by never surrendering the liberty they ensured for us?

Alternatively, shall we forget the price of freedom? If we lose the indomitable spirit we celebrated today, we will have wasted the toils and sacrifices our dear departed heroes offered us. That is a price none of those heroes would want to pay. Such a course would also lead us to the realization that the cost of liberty is far less than that of living without liberty.

A more "sensitive" Leftist censored world!

Recently one of my favorite thinkers, Dennis Prager, wrote about how Leftists love to censor anything they disapprove of. He used several examples of Leftists censoring photos to remove cigarettes or other things they deem unworthy or offensive.

The Left is, despite their oft repeated claims of open-,mindedness, tolerance and inclusiveness, the most radically closed-minded and intolerant folks walking the earth. Anything they do not approve of, they seek to remove, period! No debate, no discussion, certainly no tolerance, just erase it and pretend it not only should not exist, but also in fact pretend it never did! An ostrich has nothing on these intellectual midgets.

Just today, as I updated my website GatorSense, I ran across another example of Leftist censorship. At Liberty Elementary School in Colleyville, Texas Janet Travis, the principal there, had a coin on a yearbook cover altered to remove the words “In God We Trust” from an image of a coin there.

Travis was trying to be sensitive, she was afraid the image of a coin, with that phrase on it, might offend some student, so she chose to go to some absolutely idiotic extreme that has ended up offending most everyone, religious or not who has heard of her deed!

This, of course pretty much fits into what Leftism is all about. Offend 99.9 %of the people to avoid even possibly causing one person not to have their precious little self-esteem bruised! I wonder how this principal plans to protect the students who would be upset over this image of a coin on a yearbook cover. I mean will she pass out her phone number to her students in case they see the words “In God We Trust” on money in real life. Will she plan to council them if their school bus passes a church on the way to or from school? What if these students happen to visit a friends home where there is a Bible? Does Travis think they will not be able to handle such an experience?

The sad truth is Leftists, or those who even practice such leftist inspired asininity, do not give people, children or adults much credit. They see people as spoon heads that cannot think for themselves or function without some Leftist elite telling them what to do. Consider some other examples of Leftist censorship.

The most glaring example is the dreaded ”N“ word! The word nigger, there I dared to use it, is an ugly slur that will rightfully get your behind whipped should you use it towards a Black person. It is a despicable word, but does refusing to say it, make anyone or anything any better? Are we all children who need “bad” words spelled around us? Well D A M N I am glad Leftists care so much about our feelings!

If the word nigger, oh no that crazy Doug Hagin used it again, is so offensive then isn’t saying the “N” word just as offensive? After all, we know what word someone is really talking about don’t we. It is a word, nothing more; when we begin to delete words from our lexicon because they can be hurtful, we do ourselves no favors!

What other words should we not use? How about the word cotton? Certainly, slavery was a very ugly and inhumane institution wasn’t it. Therefore, when we say “cotton” maybe that causes someone to think about slaves picking cotton and causes them some upset. Can’t have that can we? Maybe we should start saying the “C” word instead. Let us see now, imagine you buy a new shirt, made of the “C” word. You, wearing you new shirt, meet a friend who says, “Oh I love that shirt! Is it made of the “C” word?

“Why yes, yes it is made of the “C” word,” you reply.

D A M N I feel more sensitive already!

Wait though, there is the word Confederate that causes offense to some too. That word also starts with the letter “C”. What to do now? How about the word rebel? Confederate soldiers were often referred to as rebels, if Confederate offends then rebels does too! How about the color gray? Confederate soldiers wore gray uniforms and since they were offensive shouldn’t we erase the color gray to not offend anyone? Wait though, the uniforms those Confederate soldiers wore were often butternut colored. Therefore, the color butternut should go too! Cannot risk offending anyone after all.

Wait though; the word butter is in the word butternut, so I guess the word butter is gone as well. So imagine if we really embrace this hypersensitive insanity! Imagine sitting down to a meal with a friend. You are wearing that new shirt; made of you know what, eating biscuits slathered with you know what, and as you look out your window you see the clouds look like it is going to rain. How will your new sensitive, never offend anyone supper conversation go?

“The sky is really “G” word today looks like rain” Your friend notes.

“Yes” you reply grabbing a hot biscuit, ”could you pass the “B” word?”

‘Sure” your friend answers passing the “B” word, “Really like that new shirt on you.”

“Thanks” you answer with a sensitive smile, “It is so comfortable, made of the “C” word you know.”

D A M N that is really a sensitive conversation! On the other hand, maybe it is not sensitive at all. Maybe it is just A B S U R D!

Our Government: Stuck on Stupid! 5-10-06
Imagine for a moment that you had to get a new roof on your home. You would, unless you owned a roofing company, call a one to repair your roof. Now imagine that the company you ended up hiring left the job halfway finished. Imagine that upon halfway completing what they were hired to do, the roofing company proceeded to charge you more than the price they originally quoted you. What would you, Mr. Average American do?

Well, after a considerable amount of swearing, you would likely refuse to pay, maybe demand the company do the job they agreed to do, and if they refused, you would threaten to sue them. You would likely then hire another company to do the work you needed. You would, in other words, change your approach to fixing your roof.

What if, instead of altering your strategy, you just went ahead and paid the roofing company? Despite the fact that they had not done what they promised to do, and were paid to do, you just pulled out your checkbook and paid whatever they demanded. What would happen then?

Well, your wife would call you an idiot and start looking for a divorce attorney, your kids would refuse to admit they knew you, your neighbors would laugh at you, your in-laws would shake their heads in disgust and your dog would probably bite you! In addition, guess what? You would deserve such treatment, for being an idiot!

Now the point is this, if you, the average American would never stand for such inanity from any company, why do we average Americans stand for the same treatment from our government.

Think of it. Our government hears our outrage over rising gas prices, and tells us they are going to do something about it! “Good!!” We Americans exclaim, yet our government, having promised us a job well done, does nothing that will actually alleviate high gas prices.

Do they cut the federal and state taxes, which add tremendously to what we pay at the pump? No! Do they immediately allow drilling in Alaska, and off both US coasts? NO! Do they ease some useless restrictions and open more refineries? No! In fact, all they do is point their fingers and try to pass the blame to greedy big oil companies. They talk about price controls, windfall profits taxes, or laws that would force the oil companies to invest in exploring alternative energy sources.

In other words, they only seriously consider actions that will not only not reduce gas prices, but will increase them! Why do we put up with this incompetence? Well, truth is, many of us are too willing to look away from economic reality, and just blame those greedy oil companies for raising their gas prices. Never mind that the oil companies do not set the price of a barrel of oil. It is easier to just blame oil companies instead of expecting our government to cut gas taxes and drill for the damned oil we have in our own country!

What of our failing education system? How long have politicians promised more money, more funding, more tax dollars, more of OUR money, to help improve the public education system? How many times have they increased funding? How much of OUR money have they thrown at the problems? Is the problem any better? NO! So why do we continue to re-elect the morons who obviously cannot fix the problems? If more money were the solution, the problems would have been fixed long ago.

How about border security? We Americans are just about fed up with our lax birder security and our government’s abject refusal to get serious about enforcing our laws. Yet, what solutions are our government talking about to “fix the border problem”? All types of different guest worker programs are being talked up. Some of them make some sense, some of them are nothing more than amnesty, but it is a given that any of them, without serious enforcement, will never ever work!

Here we go again, we are listening to our government present us with this new law and that new law. All of these new laws are going to be meaningless if the same level of non-enforcement accompanies them, which accompany our current laws. Again, if that roofing company, which never fixed your roof to begin with, offered you a new roof would you trust them. Of course not! So why do expect the same government that refuses to enforce today’s border and immigration laws to enforce new ones?

It does not take too many brain cells to figure out that increased enforcement will help secure our border more effectively. Build a wall, hire more border patrol agents, stop the insane practice of catch and release, tell Mexico’s corrupt government to do their part and work to make their country better instead of encouraging their people to come here illegally, and enforce the laws on the books! Meanwhile, if we can improve our laws fine, but laws without enforcement have never and will never work!

So what can we average Americans do? Well look, we have a power above that of our political leaders. They work for US! We vote them into office, and trust me they are very sensitive to not being re-elected. So, write, e-mail, telephone, text message, send smoke signals, do whatever you have to do to impress upon our representatives that we are not expecting them to start getting it right, we are demanding that they start getting it right!

America’s borders are porous, our education system is well below where it should be, and we are not even trying to use OUR resources to fix our energy issues! If our representatives cannot, or will not get it right, then it is our job to get new representatives that will. If we do not then we deserve to have our children pretend they do not know us and for our dogs bite us!

Questions for Illegal Immigrants

As I am writing this on May 1, the day that illegal immigrants and their misguided supporters chose to hold a boycott of American businesses, I have a few provocative questions going through my mind. These questions are likely being asked not just by me, but also by millions of Americans of all political stripes. While I seriously doubt any of these questions will ever be answered, I must ask them anyway. The issues of illegal workers, border security, and national sovereignty are as pressing as any that have ever faced America. Therefore, without further ado, away we go.

Question number 1. If the protesting illegal immigrants want so much to become Americans, and so love and cherish America, then why are they trying to hurt America’s economy? The organizers of these rallies and boycotts have explicitly said numerous times that they firmly believe these actions will stun and slow our economy. So, if they truly believe this, why are they trying to hurt the country they claim to want to be a part of?

Question number two. If these illegal immigrants truly have a sincere desire to come to America to work, and help America, as they claim, then why are they choosing to illustrate this by, not working? Seems a little odd now doesn’t it?

Question number three. If these illegal immigrants are, as they claim, doing jobs we Americans just will not do, then what happens if they get their wish of becoming Americans? If Americans just will not do certain jobs, then will the illegal immigrants still do these jobs AFTER they become Americans? Perhaps, they will not. So what then? Will we need new illegal immigrants to do the work that Americans will not do?

Question number four. If the supporters of illegal immigration really want American citizenship for illegals, then why do they so often wave Mexican flags? Why do they chant “Viva la Mexico“? Why are so many illegal immigrants seemingly so opposed to learning English, which is the de facto language of the United States? These things just do not add up do they?

Question number five. If the illegal immigrants are truly no different from legal immigrants, as they claim, then why do so many seem unwilling to assimilate? Immigrants of all racial and national origins have come here and blended in. They have learned English, worked hard and come to embrace the heritage of America. Why don’t more illegal immigrants take the same course as previous immigrants?

Question number six. If illegal immigrants have indeed built this country, as many like to claim, then why isn’t Mexico built just like America? Why is it so much more corrupt and impoverished? Why is it that these people are so desperate to flee Mexico for America? Surely if they built the USA, then Mexico, their country of origin ought to be a mirror image of the United States shouldn’t it.

Question number seven. If the illegal immigrants and their supporters are really in love with America, why are they attending rallies and participating in boycotts sponsored largely by Communist organizations and racists? Surely they do not support groups that are demanding that the Southwest be returned to Mexico are they? Surely, they are not supporting the Mexica Movement, which is a bunch of racists desiring to remove all “Europeans” from the North American continent are they. Surely, they are not supporting the Communist group Act Now to Stop War and End Racism or A.N.S.W.E.R. are they? If they do not support racists and Communists then why are they aligned with such groups? Are they not aware that these groups want to destroy America?

Question number eight. Do these protesters support law and order? Do they support the sovereignty of America? Do they not think a nation has a right to have borders?

Question number nine. If these illegal immigrants truly think they hold a right to ignore American laws then will they also hold such an attitude if they are robbed or assaulted in America? Since they obviously do not respect border laws, then what other laws will they believe they can simply ignore?

Question number ten. If the Illegal immigrants claim the right to enter America illegally then will they also support American’s rights to enter Mexico illegally? Will they support the right of, say, South Koreans to enter America illegally and work for less than they will? Will they nod their heads in agreement if an illegal Korean immigrant says they are merely doing work that Mexicans will not do? If not then why? If they truly believe borders and laws do not matter, then they should support anyone anywhere ignoring borders shouldn’t they?

Question number eleven. If these protesters really think America has no right to secure its borders then why do they not protest the Mexican government securing ITS southern borders? Is this not hypocritical? If America has, no right to borders then why should any nation?

Question twelve. If America is so bad and racist, why do illegal immigrants want to come here? We have all seen the signs proclaiming Americans as rednecks and racists at the pro-illegal immigration rallies. Again, if we are that bad why do they want to be here?

Bringing Reality to Leftists 4-16-06
As a public service, I am going to attempt to introduce Leftists to reality. Now I realize many of y’all are rolling your eyes right now. I fully recognize that this is a venture many will tell me is, to put it simply, bound to be as successful as a screen-door in a sub-marine. I am, however, willing to try one last time to accomplish this seemingly impossible mission. So, cue the theme from Mission Impossible and wish me luck!

Iraq is NOT Vietnam, no matter how many times y'all say it, it is not true. Repetition does NOT equal truth. We fought an organized army in Vietnam; this is not the case in Iraq. The army we fought, and never lost on the field to by the way, was also supported other Communist nations. The terrorists in Iraq are not openly supported by any nation.

Look up the word quagmire in a dictionary; learn what the hell it means BEFORE you use it repeatedly!

The United States Military is NOT losing in Iraq; it never has been even close to losing, no matter how much y'all desire it to lose. Face this reality; America is unmatched, as a military power. There has never been any nation with the military might or technology we possess. Now, I know you Leftists hate hearing that, I know y’all love to predict doom and defeat every time America even mentions military action, but get over it hippy, it just is a reality you do not wish to face!

By the way, our armed forces did not LOSE in Vietnam either. The only "loss" came because of jelly spined politicians, and scumbag Marx wannabes like YOU! See, Communists, like the terrorists we face today, were evil; they wanted every knee across the globe to bow to their evil ideology. Fighting them in Korea and Vietnam was not only correct; it was the ONLY thing to do. Evil, such as they swore to spread is not going to be appeased, or sated, but with total world domination. America, and those who truly love it, people, in other words, UNLIKE you Leftists, can see evil must be met and defeated. Fighting Communists, just like fighting terrorists today, is not a fight we want, it is, however a fight we must never even speak of losing.

If a rapists breaks into your home intent on harming your wife or daughter, would you reason with him? Would you try to appease him? Would you ever be so delusional as to think you could do anything but kill him if you hoped to save your loved ones? NO? Then why do you even entertain the notion that we could appease or reason with evil men who fly planes into buildings and blow up children? Are you REALLY that stupid?

One last thing about war. War means fighting and fighting means killing, we are at war, people do die in them, and our goal should be to kill the enemy, that IS how wars are won! They are not won at the UN, or by drunken sots like Teddy Kennedy, or by war protesters marching with foolish signs at marches sponsored by anti-American groups! They are not won by appeasing terrorists, or by "understanding" bastards who blow up children. They are won when the good guys, that is AMERICAN TROOPS, kill the sub-human scum that terrorists are! You call me a nut because I cheer when terrorists are killed by our troops. What else would a sane person do but cheer when evil is defeated?

Cindy Sheehan is a moron! She is nothing but a leftist fanatic who despises America and its Constitutional freedoms! She loves Hugo Chavez, who is a Communist dictator! Communism is the exact opposite of what America is! Therefore, when Sheehan swoons over Chavez or Jimmy Carter snuggles up to Fidel Castro they are not supporting freedom of speech, or religion, or association, or of protest. They are doing the exact opposite!

There is ZERO, which means none, zip, nada, and nil, freedom in Cuba or Venezuela. So do not pretend you love free elections and liberty, while you suck up to dictators who refuse to grant their people these things! Freedom is not a completely literate population where the government tells its people what to and what not to read! I would suggest you pick up some history books and take a look at how “free” Communist nations were and are. You might want to take a long look at how many Stalin butchered and imprisoned. You might wish to weigh how many died under Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot while you are at it. Saying Communism has failed only because it has not been done properly is like saying Cannibalism is not that bad, it just has never been practiced correctly.

Communism fails because it violates the natural desire of man to possess free will and self-reliance. See, God, yes I am going to bring Him into this, no matter how much it offends your little ego, created us with a mind, and a desire for self-determination. No matter how many times some leftist tries to fantasize about how more entitlements, more taxes, more centralized government and less American sovereignty will make a better world, it will never prove true. The less self-determination people have, the more reliance on government they will have, and this Marxist cocktail is, and always has been lethal to humankind.

For the love of Pete, learn from history! Liberty=prosperity=charity=high living standards=compassion=more wealth=opportunity for everyone. This is the lesson of America. Yet, you want to destroy this nation? You still believe in a Socialist Utopia where everyone lives in some communal land. You still believe America is to blame because other nations, who have not followed our example of free government, fail. You honestly believe we should scrap our history of success and adopt the Leftist vision of some form of Marxism that has, or is in the process of, destroying every nation that has tried it?

Wake up!


Is America getting more stupid? Are Americans, largely, becoming more clueless and less thoughtful? Well, ask just about anyone, and you will likely hear him or her exclaim “YES!” I must say I agree with them. Like it or not, it has become very clear that Americans are thinking less, and are seemingly desirous of a very structured life where everything they do is scripted.

A trend I have seen over the last 17 years working in the restaurant business is very real and extremely troubling. Now I am not, nor would I ever proclaim that we Americans are less intelligent than any other people are across the globe. Quite the contrary, I would gladly put our collective intellect against any other nations in a second.

The issue, it seems, is the lack of common sense many of us are using. We do not think before we act often times. Too many of us seem to live such insulated existences that the concept of the presence of other people is a foreign one. You see, it in the way we drive. I was taught to drive and to be watchful of other drivers. I have avoided countless accidents because I was aware of other drivers and was prepared to react. Many drivers today seem too involved in talking or changing a CD or eating their lunch to be aware.

So what is causing this collective clueless ness? As I previously stated, I have worked since 1989 in the restaurant business. In that time, I have, naturally met and interacted with thousands of people. I have worked with hundreds of waiters, bartenders, managers, bussers, cooks, etc. The intellectual depth of those people has shrunk dramatically over recent years. When I first started as a bartender I was trained by a woman who was brilliant, she taught me the right way to make drinks, wait on guests, and stressed the importance of injecting my own personality into my job. Over the years, I have trained many bartenders and always tried to pass on the lessons I learned.

Today, the training of servers and bartenders is largely not to teach them quality, but to teach them to read scripted greetings and to practice suggestive selling. Instead of encouraging thinkers, chain restaurants, tend to micro-manage and script everything their employees do. As I have been told, the idea is to simplify the job so that any idiot can do it. Well, the problem is that approach tends to insure that pretty soon only idiots will be doing the job.

It is a form of Marxism, and we all are well aware of how Marxism has utterly proven a failure don’t we? This system does not reward excellence or thinking, in fact, often times it punishes it. Intelligent people quickly become bored as they come to realize that they will not only not be cited for being a better employee, but will actually suffer for it. No business can be its best if it discourages excellence can it. It only dumbs down the employees, which effects, in a negative fashion, the service, which further hurts the service as tips lower.

Likewise, as I talk to Americans in other lines of work they share similar stories of rewarding mediocrity, and discouraging thinking. This will, of course, lead those businesses to lose their edge as well. The conventional wisdom, apparently, is to script everything employees do, so thinking is not required. As thinking diminishes, intellectual depth suffers as well. Boredom and complacency sets in, and that is not, nor will it ever be, a recipe for success.

The fear that possesses these companies which try to micro-manage their employees, is one of their employees will say or do the wrong thing. Therefore, instead of risking such a calamity, they attempt to insure their employees never act with any intelligence or independence. Ever tried to get simple answers from a customer service agent, waitress, or sales associate. Now you know why, they are not supposed to know a whole lot; they are not supposed to think.

Let me share an example with you. About a year ago I attended a bar manager meeting for a company I worked for. All the bar managers from across the country were there. One night, at dinner, we asked a server if she knew where a good jazz club was in the area. “I am new to the area” she responded’ I am not sure, let me go ask someone who does.” Now some of my fellow managers were appalled at her response. “You never ever tell a guest you do not know!” whined a manager from South Carolina. Now I thought the server gave a thoughtful answer, she was honest, and in fact, returned with directions to a local jazz club. Yet, to my dumbed down colleague her honesty was offensive. All she knew was the waitress did not give some scripted answer like some robot.

Now as more and more businesses devolve into this Marxist approach to costumer service and running their businesses, is it any surprise that this non-thinking becomes more prevalent in society? Throw in the non-education most American children receive in our schools, and factor in the cell phones everyone has surgically implanted in their ears, and it should be no real shock how little common sense we use?

Trust me this sort of non-thinking was not around in the days of our Founders. If so, we would still be a colony. Marxism does not work, not in nations and not in business. The effects on this nation are plain to see aren’t they? Are we becoming more stupid? Yes! Can we blame the senseless pursuit of sameness and conformity in the business world and schools? Yes!


The Truth About Illegal Immgration protests 4-3-06

OK, let me get this illegal immigration debate straight. Let me set the record straight as to exactly what those in favor of excusing and encouraging illegal entry into the United States are really out to accomplish. Just so, we all have a clear understanding of what those who have been taking to streets all across America, are supporting. Let us examine the attitudes of those marching. Let us look at WHO is really behind many of these protests. Moreover, while we are at it, let us look at the consequences if those folks win this battle for America’s borders!

First, let us take a peak at what this battle is about. It is, in the end, about eroding and eventually destroying America’s sovereignty. Now I realize this might seem a bit hyperbolic and sensational. Take a moment to consider this one question though. Can any nation really maintain its laws, security or sovereignty if it cannot control its own borders? The answer is no. No nation can survive long if its borders are laid open for anyone and everyone, to come in without regard for laws or borders.

Now, we can clearly see that those intent on making illegal immigration acceptable and some type of new, invented “civil right” are a direct threat to this nation’s security and sovereignty. Knowing this, does it come as any sort of surprise that those demanding non-existent US borders are almost entirely on the Left?

These are the same folks who have been calling for the US to hand over its sovereignty and destiny to the United Nations. These are the same folks who praise Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and still love to embrace much of Karl Marx’s failed ideology. To these people, the United States is not a beacon of liberty or goodness to the rest of the world. To them the United States is the cause of every problem in the world. Yes, they do want to destroy this nation, and they recognize that eradicating America’s border is a path to that end.


Now, again if this seems hyperbolic or over the top, consider a couple of groups who were key in staging these rallies for illegal immigration. Groups like Aztlan, which has one purpose, to re-take the American Southwest and reunite it with Mexico. They do not wish to accomplish this with violence but by re-shaping the demographics to the extent that such a majority is Mexican that they can achieve their goals politically. Get it yet? They want to take over a large portion of America; they are our enemy, period!

Next check out the group Mexica. This group wants not only the Southwest, but also the entire North American continent! A visit to their website will prove extremely instructional. This group is adamant the Europeans must not only welcome illegal immigrants but must also leave the continent as well. Talk about intolerant, fascist, and racist!

A trip to the cesspool that is their website will offer those viewing a disturbing image of the radical nature of this group. There you can view the photos of the signs these miscreants carried at the recent protests in California. Consider signs reading, “We are indigenous! The ONLY owners of this continent”, “This is our continent, not yours”, “This is stolen land”, “All Europeans are illegal”, and of course “If you think I am illegal because I am a Mexican learn the true history because I am in my homeland”.

They also carried signs depicting Republican leaders as Nazis, and their website prominently displays a Mexican flag flying over an upside down American flag. Now how could I possibly feel threatened by these folks! Not to say all those protesting belong to these two hate groups, but many do share their hatred for America and anyone not in their racial group. We would never welcome a rally by a White Supremacist group would we? Well these two groups are no better.

Next, please consider why these defenders of illegal immigrants carried Mexican flags and chanted Viva Mexico! Why not carry American flags? Isn’t their goal to allow these poor people to become Americans? Why do they wave the flag of the nation these people left? Does this make any sense at all? Seems the issue is many want to be here, enjoy the benefits, reap the rewards, they do not want to follow our laws, and THEN, they want to insult our country and spit on our flag when we demand they respect our laws!

So let us review for a moment. Many who are supportive of illegal immigration are actively pursuing a racist state where “Europeans” and “non-natives” are not welcome. Many of the protesters seemed far more supportive of Mexico than the United States. Again, why do they leave Mexico in the first place? If they think America so racist and bad and Mexico so wonderful, why do they there for here? Again, there is no logic there.

Now I am not saying, that all, or even most illegal immigrants are out to harm America, not at all. I am simply pointing out the very ugly truth about many of those fighting against our right to secure our borders. Nor am I implying that a lot of this issue is not our own fault. Our gutless politicians have refused to secure our borders for years now. Likewise, greedy companies have exploited the cheap wages that illegal immigrants will work for years.

I have no problem with anyone wanting to come here. However, we must retain or right to control our borders and demand those entering do so legally! As to so-called guest worker programs, can we expect the same politicians who are too sorry to enforce current laws will enforce new laws? Oh, and one more thing, why were none of these protesters upset that Mexico keeps illegal aliens from entering their country by military force? Selective Outrage Syndrome I suppose!

Leftists Support Our Troops? HARDLY! 3-21-06

Maybe it is just me being irritable, but the cheap shots being constantly taken against the mission, character, and intelligence of America’s armed forces is wearing on my last nerve.

The most recent example of the Leftist ideal that they can support the troops and insult them at the same time comes from actor/comedian Richard Belzer. Belzer, who stars in the NBC series “Homicide: Life on the Streets” and “Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit”, recently took the opportunity of an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” to demean the intelligence of our troops.

Last Friday night, Belzer went after Florida Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen for asserting that the troops she has met in Iraq and Afghanistan are very supportive of the war. Belzer called the Congresswoman’s claim and the credibility of the troops “bull----”. Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen then pointed out that she had met the troops one-on-one and that they were telling her “We're proud of our mission; we know what we're doing over here. We don't want you guys in Washington to lose it over there“!

Ros-Lehtinen then went on to point out that, our force fighting is a volunteer force. They chose to join, out of a sense of duty and patriotism, and people like the Congresswoman can see this, and be appreciative of it. Leftists like Belzer, however, seem to think so little of the mental abilities of our troops that they cannot fathom, that these soldiers might be able to understand what they are doing.

Consider how Belzer responded to Ros-lehtinen "Okay, fine. No one questions the nobility and the honor that these men and woman who are serving and what they're doing. No one questions that. But now they're targets, they're not going out. Now they're just protecting each other and they're in the middle of a civil war. So it's really not fair to have these people who volunteered their lives to protect our nation under false pretenses to now be a target ..." At this point Belzer was cut off by the loud applause of the audience, which shows how supportive of our troops the left really is. Here is Richard Belzer saying our troops are merely targets in the middle of a civil war, and how do these “supportive” people respond? By cheering like their team just scored a touch down in a playoff game.

Ros-Lehtinen then demanded that Belzer ask the troops if they think if it is fair or not. Belzer, in true scholarly fashion, responds with more hyperbole and insults. "That's bull----: Ask them! They're not .. they don't read twenty newspapers a day. They're under the threat of death every minute. They're not the best people to ask about the war because they're going to die any second." Now this paints a very ugly picture doesn’t it? According to Belzer, who apparently thinks sitting on his pompous butt and reading newspapers makes him better qualified to discuss the war than the soldiers fighting it, our troops are only seconds from death. Well the casualties do not even come close to supporting such a negative view. The fact is losing 2,400 troops in a three-year war represents a miraculously low casualty rate. I guess Belzer is so busy reading newspapers he neglected to read any military history.

At this point Ros-Lehtinen brings up her stepson, who has just finished an eight-month tour of duty. Belzer’s answer to the service of this soldier? “God bless your stepson. Doesn't mean he's a brilliant scholar about the war because he's there. And God bless him." See, here is another example of how a devoted Leftist “supports” our troops. They hint that the troops are not very scholarly, in other words, stupid, and then throw in a God bless them or two to show how much they really support these stupid troops! What a convenient double standard!

At this point Bill Maher interjects his two-cents by attacking the quality of people in our military. "I think the point he's trying to make is that a 19-year-old who is in that army because he probably couldn't find other employment " See, Again there is zero chance, according to these Leftist “scholars” that those in the military joined out of a sense of duty or patriotism. Oh no, they are just such pathetic losers that they had no other choice. How very supportive!

When Ros-Lehtinen responds that her stepson is a college graduate and a Marine officer, certainly not a person who “couldn’t get a job” Belzer goes right back to his troop bashing. "You think everyone over there is a college graduate? They're 19 and 20-year-old kids who couldn't get a job ..." The Congresswoman then offers up that Belzer has not been to Iraq or Afghanistan, nor has he talked to the troops. Probably too busy reading his newspapers to be bothered I guess. To this Belzer, again displaying his scholarly vocabulary, answers with this outburst “What, I don’t f---ing read?” Don't do that!" See how easy it is to become an expert on war? Do not fight in a war, do not serve in the military, just read twenty newspapers a day and you too can be as brilliant as Richard Belzer can! What a perfect example of someone being educated beyond their hat size!

No, our soldiers are not scholars; they are soldiers, bright, brave, patriotic, heroes. They are risking their necks so pinheads like Richard Belzer can sit back, pretending to be military experts, and insult the very troops safeguarding his free speech!

Where Freedom Comes From  3-14-06 

Americans love their freedom; they love to talk about it, revel in it, embrace it, and of course, make use of it. How many of us, though, really take the time to reflect upon the sources of our freedom? How many of us truly ponder why, we, as Americans are as free as we are?

Now in answer to the questions listed above, I would wager that Americans who subscribe to a conservative view are likely to be more attuned to where our freedom comes from. Now, this is not to say Liberals cannot or do not grasp or appreciate why we are free. It is to say, however, that it surely seems that Americans on the right are far more realistic about where our freedom originates, and who defends it.

It seems to me that Liberals tend to embrace freedom as a given, that it is just there, with no source at all. In a way they are correct, freedom is the natural state for human beings. They are created to be free. Ah, but there is the first major difference in how the left and right see our freedoms. Those Americans on the right, even if they are not particularly religious, have no problem agreeing with Thomas Jefferson that we were all created with certain rights no government can take away.

Some Americans on the left can also admit this without undue stress. There are many on the left, though, that refuse to acknowledge such a possibility. For them, to even utter the word Creator is somehow a violation of their right to religious freedom. They do not see that America is a free nation because our Founders believed in a Creator that bestowed upon us all our inalienable liberties. Their right to not believe in a Creator exists because they were created with it. That is something many on the left absolutely refuse to accept.

For them, their fear of any mention or acceptance of anything even remotely Christian or religious, is so blinding they are unable to see that without the Creator they would not have religious freedom, yes even the freedom to not be religious. Quite an odd quandary they find themselves in. They are free to believe anything they wish, yet they cannot bring themselves to admit the source of tat freedom.

The second major area where the left and right do not tend to see our freedom the same concerns the Founding Fathers. Both those on the left and right, often quote these brave men. It is the right, however, which more readily identifies the Founders as heroic figures who risked everything they have to form a new nation, a nation that took the liberties men are created with and sought to guarantee and protect those rights.

Too often those on the left look upon these same men as a bunch of White men, a symbol of evil patriarchy. They see the as a bunch of slave owners. They see them as men who founded America, not to secure God-given rights but to secure greater wealth for themselves. Now, how can people who look upon the Founders with such disdain really appreciate the freedom these men helped secure for all Americans?

Yes, some were slave owners; yes, they created a nation where not everyone was, at that time equal. They did, though, also create the same nation that is, today, a land where everyone is equal and free. The left apparently cannot see past the fact that these heroes were imperfect and not politically correct enough. They refuse to consider where our freedoms would be today were it not for the Washington’s, Madison’s, Franklins, Adams, Hamilton’s, Jefferson’s, and Monroe’s.

There is a third chasm of appreciation of our liberties between left and right. The right is very aware that our liberty first comes from God. Secondly, that liberty was secured in the constitution our Founders gave us. Thirdly, Conservatives recognize with absolute certainty that those liberties bestowed by God, and secured by the Founders, would be non-existent without the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who have fought, and died to defend them.

Not to say the left does not recognize this fact, but it is those on the left who always seem more eager to defame our troops, to protest the wars they must wage, to question their effectiveness, and to under fund them. It is the left, which always is prepared to predict failure for our armed forces. It is always the left that questions the wisdom of Americas’ military might. It is the left, which trots out words like imperialism and arrogance to characterize our military might. There is a very good reason the left is looked upon as weak on national defense, their record shows them to be weak on it.

Apparently, they cannot come to grips with the ugly truth, that the only true peace to be had must be achieved and maintained through strength. America is free because of military might. Evil regimes exist; the Soviet Union would have forced us to live as they chose had we not been stronger than they were. The Soviets knew to face America meant their destruction.

The left still refuses to accept the reality of the peace through strength ideology. Somehow they are deluded enough to believe by being weak, and non-threatening, we can assure peace. That course, would lead to our destruction and an end to our liberty. The left cannot see this.

Do both the left and right love our liberty? Yes, but the left seems unwilling to recognize the source, God, those who founded America on liberty, the Founders, or those who defend it, our armed forces.

The End Of Abortion? 3-7-06
Are the sands of time running out on legalized abortion in America? Are the American people, armed with clear scientific and medical evidence finally ready to ban the barbarism that is abortion? Certainly, the proponents of abortion have seen their lies of “choice” and a “woman’s body” and “reproductive freedom” exposed by medical advances like ultrasounds, and sonograms. So again, consider the question; are these the dying days for abortion?

In recent weeks, pro-life Americans have abandoned, at least to some degree, the tactics of changing people’s hearts and chosen a more direct, legislative attack on abortion. Indiana, South Dakota, and Michigan, have taken the lead in this new war for human rights and sanctity of life.

In Indiana women, seeking abortions would be told that human life begins at conception. While this law would not ban abortion, it would allow women to receive medical information about their baby. The pro-choice crowd, of course, is vehemently opposed to such legislation. Cannot have women making fully informed choices I suppose.

In Michigan, a new amendment to the state constitution, proposed by Michigan residents would establish that a person is alive at conception. Such a designation would serve to give the unborn constitutional rights to due process and equal protection.

A supporter of this proposed amendment, Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel for the Thomas Moore Law Center declared the amendment "vitally important if we are to insure that Michigan becomes a pro-life state after Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court."

The 1973 Roe v Wade decision nullified state that prohibited abortions. If that ruling were to be overturned, states would regain the authority to ban or restrict abortions. So clearly, the residents of Michigan are hoping to lay the groundwork to ban abortions.

Whether or not Roe V Wade will actually be overturned, of course is up in the air. A new law in South Dakota could make its way to the US Supreme Court, and abortion foes are hopeful the court will throw out Roe V Wade if that happens.

The law, signed into law on March 6 by South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds, bans all abortion in South Dakota, except where the life of the mother is in jeopardy. The legislation also punishes doctors who perform abortions with a $5,000 fine and five years in prison.

Planned Parenthood of South Dakota, a strong defender of abortion, has promised to fight the new law. This of course is exactly what pro-life Americans want to happen. They want to see this fight lead to the Supreme Court, where they are counting on a new Conservative shift in the court to lead to overturning Roe V Wade.

Foes of abortion are also emboldened by a recent Supreme Court decision against the National Organization for Women protecting the right of pro-life Americans to protest outside abortion clinics. NOW had sought to use anti-racketeering laws to suppress the protests.

Other states are also considering laws restricting or banning abortions. Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina are all currently weighing legislation to chip away at abortion rights. This is a grand time in America, the people, through their legislatures are speaking out in a very clear and concise fashion. Their message is clear and just. America wants to honor human life and to protect the most innocent and vulnerable among us.

So, let the fight commence over which direction America will move in. Will we continue to allow the legalized butchering of innocent and helpless human beings in the womb? Will we continue to turn a blind eye to what is as clear a violation of human rights as anyone could ever imagine?

Alternatively, will we instead take a stand as a nation and pronounce boldly that we revere and respect human life? Certainly, the time seems right to continue to press towards an America where everyone has rights, and all human life is considered precious and worthy of constitutional liberties and rights.

No doubt, the struggle, which is certain to ensue, will be long and ugly. Our opponents have an agenda just as we do. They do not respect life, they respect a culture where human life is valuable and worthwhile only if it possesses a “quality” that of course the defenders of abortion and assisted suicide will define for everyone.

It is time for all Americans, regardless of faith, race, gender, or sexual orientation to gather their moral courage and start the fight that will, in the end, stamp out the barbarity and cruelty that is abortion on demand!

When Morals and Ideology Clash    2-20-06

Principles can be very easy to announce and avow. They can also be amongst the most difficult things to stick to when they begin to conflict with your moral code of values. On one hand, it is very easy to say you support freedom of religious expression. It may prove quite difficult, however, to morally defend someone worshipping Satan. If you can at once, condemn, on a moral basis, the depravity of worshipping evil, and also defend the freedom to do it you are a consistent person who refuses to allow your morals, that is the manner in which you live your life, to override your ideal that everyone has an inherent freedom to live as they choose.

It is also very tough, and requires much reflection and thought to decide where a specific freedom ends. An example would be my firm moral belief that Homosexuality is not normal, and violates the laws of nature. Yet I also am vehemently opposed to sodomy laws because this is an area where individuals, without any interference from any governmental body, must be allowed to decide how they conduct their lives.

Likewise, there is another issue which has me questioning the boundaries of not only my moral and ideological codes, but exactly how much, if any limits might fairly be placed upon our freedom of speech. This is a very emotional issue, frankly I cannot think of a more contentious and controversial topic than protesting at someone’s funeral. Particularly, protesting against America and our soldiers at the funerals of our service men and women.

Yet that is exactly what a very small, and in my view, very despicable bunch of miscreants are doing across America. The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas first made their mark by attending funerals of AIDS victims holding signs, which read “God Hates Fags”. Real classless scumbags we are talking about here. Now this group of fanatics is bringing similar tactics to the funerals of American Soldiers killed in battle.

Holding signs proclaiming, “God Hates America”, “Thank God for IED’s”, Improvised Explosive devices, and “Don’t Pray for the USA” these bastards are showing up at funeral services for soldiers, who have given their lives in service for America. Oddly enough, these soldiers have also paid the ultimate price to defend the right of these miscreants to act in such a cowardly and frankly un-Christian manner.

The group, which has about 75 members, likely with an aggregate IQ of about 15, claims they are holding these protests because, in the words of Shirley Phelps-Roper, God struck down these soldiers because they were fighting for a country that harbors Homosexuals and adulterers. On the website of this vermin, you can visit and, if your blood pressure can take it, see photos of flag-draped caskets with the caption underneath reading “This is the picture America deserves”.

You can also go there and see, prominently displayed, the number of service people killed so far, 2,252, underneath this the Westboro sub-humans announce proudly that they pray for the number to be 222, 252! Now, by now, if you are like me, you are likely ready to grab one of these evil monsters and bash their face in. Nothing can be more disgusting than this sort of vile hatred can, especially when it is aimed at American soldiers. When you also consider how much grief and pain such hatred must cause the family and friends of these brave soldiers, you are probably sickened by the dastardly nature of these people’s blackened souls.

They are sick, twisted, demented, evil and in no way represent Christianity and its positive message of hope, love, forgiveness, and of course redemption. Also on their site, this group also announces proudly that Ronald Reagan and Reggie White are burning in Hell, that God laughed on 9-11, and that George W. Bush is our pervert-in-chief. Quite a group of fanatics there to say the least.

Now the legislatures of several states are considering legislation, which bans protests from disturbing those attending the funerals to mourn and bury their loved ones. This is a very touchy subject. Now morally speaking there is zero debate over whether or not the activities of this group of evil people right or wrong. They are as wrong as they can be. The question which now must be debated is whether such a bill, placing restrictions on time, or place of such a protest is or is not allowable under our Constitution.

This is not such an easy question. Again we must ask ourselves, without emotional attachment, can we allow a restriction on freedom of speech? Surely I believe that a funeral should never be the place for such a disruption. Let the family and friends mourn, let them alone and, say what you will later. That is a moral belief, and not necessarily a legal one though.

Certainly I feel any limit on our Constitutional rights can not be allowed. Unless, that is, it infringes upon someone else. This is a long accepted standard which I think we all should be able to agree with. Now the question is do these protests unduly infringe on the rights of the grieving loved ones. I must say that is a difficult question. I must say I cannot answer that one.

I will say though the Westboro bunch should expect that if they persist in their moral depravations they can only expect an enraged, father, brother, or friend to introduce them to the term “fighting words”. So, let me conclude this way, yes this group has a right to protest, but along with that right there comes a responsibility to accept the possible consequences for their deplorable behavior. So, let them continue to protest, but if it costs them a much-deserved butt whipping, let me remind them of a saying found in the Bible. You reap what you sow! Can I get an AMEN?