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Some info about me about me. Places I love, interests I have, nothing political or controvesial, just some photos, and items of interest to me. 
Doug's principle beliefs.
1- Self-defense is the most precious of all our rights, for it is that liberty that protrects all the rest.
2- Marxism, in all it's various forms, has never, and will never, succeed in anything save for enslaving people to over intrusive governments and robbing from those peole every liberty and God-given right they are rightfully born with.
3- Behaviors which are consensual, between adults, and private, and in which no one is harmed should be of no concerns to any governmental body.
4- Race, religion, gender and sexual orientation are utterly meaningless in determining the character, intellect, worth, or quality of a person. People ought to be judged by how they treat others, and conduct themselves, and by their talents.
5- In general, I find that political correctness, in all its various forms, is the enemy of liberty, self-expression, and open-mindedness.
6- Those who cry "seperation of church and state" ought to open their minds to what our Constitution ACTUALLY says about religious liberty. It never was meant to supress religious expression, but to restrain a STATE CHURCH! Note, a monument with the Ten Commandments on a courthouse lawn does not impose any religion on anyone.
7- Nowhere in the founding documents of America does there exist a right "not to be offended".

I love hiking, and of all the places I have hiked, the Smokies, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Virginia, Georgia, New Mexico, my favorite place on this earth is Rocky Mountain National Park, in Northern Colorado.
Here are some photos of Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain National Park Mills Lake Photo
echo lake at the foot hills of the rockies
Some other interests I have include reading, I am a guy who reads history, sports, biographies, and fiction, with my favorite authour being Dean Koontz. I also greatly enjoy reading James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Tess Gerritsen, and older works by Stephen King.
As I mentioned I love history, and have studied the War Between the States since I was nine. That period is still greatly misunderstood today, and was central in forming this country into the one we have today. I have found records of 75 of my ancestors who served in that war, 73 of them for the South, the other two, well, they fought for the Yankees. I am deeply proud of their service and sacrifice, and am deeply sorrowed at how their cause has been bastardized since the close of that conflict.

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge Gator fan I am. I bleed orange and blue, and these days the expression it is GREAT to be a GATOR really has a special meaning.
1996 & 2006
National Champions

1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000 & 2006

1984, 1985 &1990
Best In SEC
1992, 1999 SEC Eastern Division Champions
Heisman Trophy winners Steve Spurrier 1966 Danny Wuerffel 1996 Time Tebow 2007
NCAA basketball champions 2006, 2007
NCAA Championship game 2000
Final four 1994
Although the Florida Gators are easily my favorite team, I do have teams I am passionate fans of in other sports. The Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers are all included in that group.